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Aquilla Training is committed to excellence in professional development.

Yes, you studied and got your degree and/or diploma. Now you have to deal with the daily reality of your occupation. Human behaviour in your field looks nothing like to neat case studies in old textbook and you have to manage situations for the first time in your life.

The workshops presented by Aquilla Training are built on professional experience in working with people over a period on more than 30 years. As far as experience in presenting workshops is concerned, we presented more than a 240 CPD workshops in 2018 alone.

We also present these workshops diverse theoretical and skills orientation. In these workshops we advocate cultural awareness and sensitive support.

The benefits to attend the workshops are interaction with colleagues and experienced facilitators; information that will make your daily activities easier and more productive; practical examples and tools and network opportunities.

Added benefits for professionals are the online registration; downloadable material and certificates. You can download your CPD/CPTD certificate as soon as you completed the online evaluation.

In addition to the workshops we are active on social media to keep participants informed and encouraged. We love sharing our passion and the latest information with you.

From 1 April 2019 professional participants will be able to enrol for online professional supervision by Dr Barbara Louw. She is registered as a supervisor with CPSC. The supervision comprises of a mixed method interaction. There will be an initial selection process, followed by monthly or bi-monthly sessions.

Suicide - The Painful Topic

Death by suicide is neither impulsive, cowardly, vengeful, controlling, nor selfish. There is more to this tragic phenomenon than meets the eye.

It is a myth that suicide is an impulsive, spur-of-the-moment whim. In most of the situations that we encounter the person openly told friends and family, often for years, that he/she felt depressive and suicidal. Years before his death, he attempted suicide by overdose and frequently discussed the incident subsequently. There is a chance that he has visited various websites about suicide and depression. Sometimes there are light-hearted comments or jokes about killing himself 

Scheduled Workshops

Workshops are scheduled to be most convenient for pastors and counsellors in the morning, while the afternoon sessions are expedient for educators and teachers.

A summary of the schedule for March 2019:

12 March 2019 – Florida West Rand

Embitterment in the Workplace (08h00 – 12h00) – 4 CPD points - CPSC

Basic Trauma Support when working with Adults (12h00 -16h00) – 5 CPTD points - SACE

13 March 2019 – Bedfordview, East Rand

Posttraumatic Wellness Model for Counsellors (08h00 -12h00) - 4 CPD points – CPSC

Principles of Coaching and Mentoring (12h00 – 16h00) – CPTD points pending – SACE

26 March 2019 – Pretoria

Hope and Embitterment (08h00 -12h00) - 4 CPD points – CPSC

Basic Trauma Support when working with Adults (12h00 -16h00) – 5 CPTD points – SACE

27 March 2019 – Pretoria

Principles of Coaching and Mentoring (08h00 – 12h00) – CPTD points pending – SACE

Victim Empowerment in 2019 - – 5 CPTD points – SACE

Afrikaanse Projek

The Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) acknowledges Aquilla Training’s community contribution.



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