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Thank you for your continued support. May 2019 turns out to be a very exciting month. We are traveling to Bloemfontein and Louis Trichardt for specially requested customised workshops from community organisations. We are exited and look forward to these events, to help people to make a difference in their communities.

In this issue:

  1. Brief notes about skills workshops.
  2. Detail about the skills workshops for June 2019.
  3. We are sharing the conference presentations with you by adding a summary and the link to the slides. You are welcome to download the slides via the links.
  4. Information about the series of talks on Pretoria FM, which will be accessible via internet or DSTV.
  5. What to expect in the next newsletter

1. Skills Workshops

A skill is the knowledge and ability that enables you to do something well. This ability and capacity can be developed through purposeful effort to creatively perform multifaceted activities and tasks involving facts, technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Our skills workshops focus on helping counsellors, educators, pastors and parents to skilfully deal with the current challenges. This includes issues like dealing with bullying, cyberbullying and workplace trauma. Many articles focus on the prevention and warning people about the dangers, but what do you do when you are confronted with the reality of these problems. How do you help client who are in the thick of these problem-saturated situations or those who need to heal from the harm caused by being in such situation?

Aquilla Training’s workshops are focused dealing with counselling topics, ethical and management affairs. We are adding the online workshops. At this stage, all the workshops are accredited by CPSC and SACE for CPD/CPTD points.

However, participants are requesting assistance with matters that are more personal and for coaching topics. We are therefore developing personal skills workshops that will enable you to deal with particular matters, discretely and at your own pace.  More information will follow in the near future.

If you need any workshops in your community you can contact us and we will work together to customise these workshops for your specific needs.

2. The topics for the workshops in June 2019 are as follow:


4 June 2019

Bitterness, Revenge and Resiliency (4 CPSC CPD points)

Wellness and Self-care (5 SACE CPTD points)

Professionalism and Professional Bodies (2 CPSC CPD points- sponsored T & C apply)

5 June 2019

Wholistic Wellness Model for Counsellors (4 CPSC CPD points)

Cultural Diversity and Sensitive Support (5 SACE CPTD points)

My Money 123 – Financial Literacy Programme (Sponsored workshop, T & C apply)



11 June 219

Bitterness, Revenge and Resiliency (4 CPSC CPD points)

Adhering to Ethic Made Practical (5 SACE CPTD points)

Professionalism and Professional Bodies (2 CPSC CPD points – sponsored workshop T & C apply)

12 June 2019

Emotional First Aid for Trauma Responders (4 CPSC CPD points)

Principles of Coaching and Mentoring (5 SACE CPTD points)

My Money 123 – Financial Literacy Programme (Sponsored workshop, T & C apply)

13 June 2019

Posttraumatic Wellness Model for Counsellors (4 CPSC CPD points)

Basic Trauma Support When Working with Adults (5 SACE CPTD points)


Self-paced Online Workshops

Addressing Bullying

Dealing with Cyberbullying

3. Presentations


Topic: The Potential for Enhanced Wellness in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (Dr Barbara Louw)

PowerPoint Presentation link

Industry 4.0 presents a unique opportunity for businesses to redefine employee wellness by moving away from a culture of using employees as tools and placing greater emphasis on the development and continued wellness of employees. In a progressively automated working environment, the one aspect that will set certain businesses apart from others is the resources they invest in their employees. People skills and caring for employees as valued assets are a vital management tool contributing to the bottom line. In this automated environment, there is an opportunity for employees and management to work together as wellness partners. This valuable partnership can make or break workplace safety and productivity strategies. It contributes directly to the corporate culture in an organisation. Embittered and disgruntled employees negatively influence such corporate culture through negligence, sabotage and accidents. Employee wellness strategies therefor becomes the focal point of business sustainability.

Employee wellness strategies are enhanced by crisis intervention, trauma handling and after care. Crisis intervention can be directed to online services but after care and quality, relationships require the human touch.


Topic: Betrayal Trauma Blindness and Ethical Counselling Practice (Dr Barbara Louw)

PowerPoint Presentation link

The South African community is reeling in the face of the unethical practices committed by pastors. Although the media has more than enough material to report on, numerous victims still fell prey whilst other community members and professionals turned a blind eye.

The phrase "betrayal trauma" can be used to refer to a kind of trauma independent of the normal reaction to a trauma. Betrayal trauma occurs when the people or institutions on which a person depends for survival, significantly violates that person’s trust or well-being (Freyd).

Betrayal Trauma Theory predicts that the degree to which a negative event represents a betrayal by a trusted, needed other, will influence the way in which those events are processed and remembered. Such betrayal events diminishes the professional standing of an entire vocation.

4. Series of radio interviews

Pretoria FM is a community-based radio station in Pretoria, South Africa, whose programmes are presented in Afrikaans  104.2 FM in the greater Pretoria area.

Jacques Botes en Dr Barbara Louw het gesels Saterdagoggende om 07h45 op Pretoria FM Jy kan op die internet inskakel

Die volgende paar weke se program is:

MyWelstand – Dr Barbara Louw (07:45)

 18/05/2019 – Reeks oorsig

25/05/2019 – Welstand en heelheid

01/06/2019 – Onheelheid

08/06/2019 – Krisis as groei geleentheid

15/06/2019 – Verandering en welstand

22/06/2019 – Fisiese welstand (1)

29/06/2019 – Fisiese welstand (2)

06/07/2019 – Denke: Aanpasbaarheid van die brein

13/07/2019 – Finansiële vaardigheid

20/07/2019 – Godsdienstige wortels

27/07/2019 – Openheid tot verhoudings

03/08/2019 – Emosionele welstand

10/08/2019 – Sosiale omgewings: Werk en diens.

5. The next newsletter

You will receive another newsletter in a week’s time, with information about Dr Barbara Louw’s Wholistic Wellness Coaching Model. She made the diagram available for download and to share with your friends and colleagues.


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