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Welcome to Nexus News!

Nexus News is a newsletter for the joint venture between Inter Trauma Nexus (NGO/PBO); Aquilla Financial Solutions (FSP), Aquilla Wellness Solutions, Aquilla Advisors and Aquilla Training. The management team is Dr Barbara Louw and Rev Wynand Louw CFP.

In this edition we present the detail about our workshops for 2019. Including topics, cities where the workshops will be held, dates, the value you will get when enrolling for workshops and a short article about one of the course. At the end of the newsletter you will find a button that allows you to forward the newsletter to a friend of colleague who might benefit from the information.

The workshops are accreditted by various professional bodies, including the South African Council for Educators (SACE) and the Christian Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC).

Register your free account today and only pay for your area when the dates are displayed and opened.



1. Adhering to Ethics made Practical (SACE 5 CPTD points)

2. Basic Trauma Support when working with Children (SACE 5 CPTD points)

3. Basic Trauma Support when working with Adults (SACE 5 CPTD points)

4. Trauma Relief for Management (SACE 5 CPTD points)

5. Victim Empowerment (SACE 5 CPTD points)

6. Wellness and Self-care (SACE 5 CPTD points)

7. Embitterment in the Workplace (CPSC 4 CPD points)

8. Hope and Embitterment (CPSC 4 CPD points)

9. Bitterness, Revenge and Resiliency (CPSC 4 CPD points)

10. Posttraumatic Wellness Model for Counsellors (CPSC 4 CPD points)

11. Financial Literacy Programme (Sponsored)

12. Business Management for Counselling Practice (CPSC 3 CPD points)


13. Risk Management for Practice (CPSC 2 CPD points)

14. Emotional First Aid for Trauma Responders (CPSC 4 CPD points)

15. Professionalism and Professional Bodies (CPSC 2 CPD points)

16. Diversity Awareness (SACE CPTD points pending)

17. Roles and Responsibilities when serving on Board and Committees (SACE CPTD points pending)

18. Principles of Coaching and Mentoring (SACE CPTD points pending)


Sessions are scheduled on times to suite counsellors and teachers.

Venues across South Africa includes:

Pretoria (Various dates from January to November 2019)

East Rand (Various dates from February to November 2019)

West Rand (Various dates from February to November 2019)

Western Cape, Paarl (February 2019)

Eastern Cape, Graaff Reinet (October 2019)

Northwest Province, Potchefstroom (March 2019)

Limpopo, Polokwane (Pietersburg) (May 2019)

Mpumalanga, Mbombela (Nelspruit) (June 2019)

Vereniging (July 2019)

Northern Cape, Upington (July 2019)

Northern Cape, Kimberley (July 2019)

Kwazulu-Natal, Durban (August 2019)

Kwazulu-Natal, Pietermartizburg (August 2019)

Kwazulu-Natal, Newcastle (August 2019)

Eastern Cape, Jeffrey’s Bay (September 2019)

Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth (September 2019)

Eastern Cape, East London (September 2019)

Western Cape, Cape Town Area (October 2019)

Western Cape, George (October 2019)

Free State, Bloemfontein (October 2019)

More venues will be added during the course of the year. If you need spaecial training in your area contact us and we will get in touch with you

2019 Cost and benefits

The 2019 fee for a 3-hour workshop will be only R 400.

This will include:

1. The workshops are accredited by various Professional Body as part of Continuous Professional Development training.

2. Every facilitators have 25+ years of practical experience in various field, as well as the appropriate post-graduate qualifications.

3. Facilitators are all registered members of Professional Bodies, with the appropriate designations.

4. Participants register on the online participant management system and access to the system for a year.

5. Opportunity to attend the workshop and network with colleagues.

6. Workshop notes in the format of an eBook that will be downloadable before the workshop commences.

7. The CPD/attendance certificate will be downloadable within 48 hours after the workshop. This will enable you to upload your CPD points timeously with your professional body. No hidden cost.

8.  If you need a letter of confirmation for your employer, just let us know and it will be emailed to you or uploaded to your participation folder for download.

9. Access to webinars, additional resources and recommended media.

10. Payments will be processed fast and secure via Payfast, via farious payment options which includes the possibility to make recurring payments to suit your budget on payfast or pay cash at retailers if you should choose to do that.



A new life after a job

Having a job and managing a career cannot be taken for granted especially when there are rumours of downsizing, retrenchments and companies falling into hardship. The idea of struggling without a job is a very unsettling thought, because our sense of meaning and purpose is very closely connected to our ability to earn an income.

So, what is your plan when your career changes? Very few people see change as the opportunity to grow into a new season in life. Some of these changes force you to re-evaluate your life. This can include children growing up and leaving the house or emigrating. Unforeseen medical challenges, a family emergency and continually increasing cost of living. Your world of work might also change so drastically that you do not know what to do next.

Over the years, I have learnt that there should always be a Plan B or even a Plan C. Exploring other possibilities in life, can be a rejuvenating exercise where taking stock of your talents and dreams are important.  These talents and dreams are the things you do with enthusiasm and passion. Passion, vision and a bit of business sense might just lead you to your Plan B. If you take the risk to believe that your hobby or your passion can become your next career, you will find a new skip in your step and work will not feel like a chore. You will see new opportunities and possibilities that were previously hidden by the gloom of hopelessness.

We offer various services to assist people to become whole in the midst of changing circumstances in life. This includes coaching, counselling and training to successfully start your own business. This programme was developed to equip you to start your own business and also includes sessions that will look at how to start a private practice for counsellors.

The first Business Management Workshop for 2019 will be on 30 January in Pretoria. This course will be presented around the country in 2019 to ensure that we can reach people who would like to start their own business or practice wherever they are located.


Your special needs

Workshops and special presentations can be arranged for companies, educational institutions, community organization and churches.

Let’s make an appointment to discuss your organisation specific need and our value proposition.  We have already booked a number of closed workshops through our management systeme for specific organisations taylormade to their needs.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this year.

Please feel free to download the prospectus to se the detailed schedule and rosters of the various areas. The most up to date information and daily encouragement is available on our social network.


Dr Barbara Louw and Rev Wynand Louw




 PO Box 1347, Menlyn Central, 0077



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