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Everybody is talking about 4th Industrial Revolution and online services, while I am challenged by creating suitable passwords. I still appreciate the feeling of touching a book and the anticipation of turning a page to read more. Clicking a read ‘more button’ is just not the same.

However, it is the old fashion personal touch that makes Aquilla Training’s CPD and CPTD skills workshops unique. The benefits for you in utilising our services are:

  • Dedication to your needs and requirements
  • Personally attending to your queries, needs and requirements
  • Keeping you up to date with the latest professional body’s requirements and changes
  • Assist and guide you and your team to enrol for skills training by offering various options:
  • You can enrol online or register with a manual form. Should you get stuck in the enrolment process or to choosing a workshop, you are most welcome to give as a call for assistance.
  • You can pay online or request an invoice and pay via offline payment (EFT).
  • You can pick and choose which workshop/s you wish to do, according to your needs, professional requirements and curiosity.  As you mix and match you choices you can also enrol for the two free sessions.
  • All information is kept confidential and secure at all times
  • Receiving tried and tested as well as cost effective skills training service.

Another exceptional feature of the skills workshops is the facilitator’s ability to engage with participant from various fields and different levels of expertise. In each workshop you will encounter a professional with passion, well founded knowledge and experience to share their wisdom.

If you have a group in your organisation, community, school or church, who needs skills training (with or without CPD/CPTD points), we can customise the workshops according to your specific needs. Contact us for more information if you require this service.

The following documents are included for manual enrolment:

Northern Cape (Kimberley) – 22 to 24 July 2019

Kwa-Zulu Natal (Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Newcastle) - 13 to 21 August 2019

Eastern Cape (Jeffrey’s Bay, Port Elizabeth and East London) – 2 to 11 September 2019

Detail for Gauteng (Pretoria)

In the next newsletter:

Detail about the workshops planned for Western Cape and Free State. All the information is already available on the website.

More information about our collaboration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) which makes it possible to render exceptional skills training for teachers and lecturers.

Our skills workshop are structured on an effective secured online system monitored by Comodo (https) and CWatch (anti-malware), where you can download your notes and certificates and you can do online workshops.

Kind regards

Dr Barbara Louw

Project Manager



 PO Box 1347, Menlyn Central, 0077



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